You've said 'no more than a cast of three', can I write for a cast of four?

No. The reason we ask for small casts is practical. There are a number of rehearsals over a period of a few weeks. Actors will generally be juggling day jobs, shift work, child care, other shows etc. The bigger the cast is the harder it becomes to get everyone in the same room to rehearse the play properly. Also, the actors work on a profit share basis so the larger the cast becomes the smaller the share of profit for everyone is.

Regarding props, I have an idea for a play but it involves a wigwam, a cement mixer and an ornamental horse; could I send it to you?

We would ask that you think of a way to present it on stage without the need for large props. If not, we're not the people to stage it.  Again, the limited props is for practical reasons. Someone needs to carry them to and from rehearsals and to the venue and back. Generally once you establish the ground rules for a play the audience will accept what you have at your disposal.

As a writer do I have to attend rehearsals?

No, you don't. However, we feel that writers who do attend rehearsals gain more from seeing how actors and a director work with their scripts. The project began as a way for writers to see what goes into turning scripts into finished pieces and coming along to one or two rehearsals provides an insight into that.

I’m an actor/director, how can I get involved?

Several members of our casts have become involved through approaching us either at a show or by email. We're quite happy to hear from actors based in and around Glasgow or Edinburgh. Also, if you are a director at the early stages of your career we'd similarly be happy to hear from you. If we haven't seen you in anything, either send us a showreel or invite us to come see you if you have a show on. Failing that come along to one of our shows and have a chat afterwards.

Do I need to have experience of writing for stage?

We don’t require applicants to have had any previous experience of writing for the stage. The scripts are selected entirely on their own merit. Several of our writers wrote their first piece for the stage with us.

We do suggest that if you are interested in becoming involved with SAST to attend a show and get a sense of if it's something you would like to be involved with.