These shows took place on Tueday 5th and Wednesday 6th December 2017 at the Gilded Balloon's Basement Theatre in Rose Street, Edinburgh.

Red Label by Derek Banner
Directed by Karen Barclay Dramaturgy by Alexandra Halterman
Los Angeles in the 1950s at the height of McCarthyism a man finds himself in an interrogation room.

Flensburg by Cormac Quinn
Directed by Karen Barclay Dramaturgy by Alexandra Halterman
On 28th May 1945 in a forest, near the town of Flensburg a man lies shot.

The Tourist Information Centre by Eva Carson
Directed by Helen Cuinn Dramaturgy by Glenys Leigh McIntyre
In her first Summer season in The Highlands, Fiona, learns there's more to customer service than maps, guidebooks and tartan towels. 

Don’t Hang Up by Elaine Malcolmson
Directed by Helen Cuinn 
Some calls are more important than others to the staff of a call-centre but their boss only sees the stats in front of him.

Disaster Song by Karen Barclay
Directed by Karen Barclay
The families of dead workers fall out over a folk song.

Smokers by Julie McDowall
Directed by Karen Barclay
The play is about Julie's favourite topic – the end of the world – and shows two people enjoying a last cigarette before they have to descend into a nuclear bunker.